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Saturday 22nd June – New BD test riding day

New BD test riding day with List 3 dressage judge Andrew Keane
Pick any of the new BD test Intro to Medium, Please put in the comments section which test you would like to do.
Times will be assigned starting with Intros at 9am, you will have the ability to warm up in the outdoor prior to your session.
At your assigned time you will go in just like a competition ride your test through completely and Andrew will score your test. He will then go though your score sheet with you, picking up on areas that need improvement. You will then have 10 to 15 minutes to work inside the boards on Andrews feedback, movement within the test & anything you’d like. After this you will then ride your test again Andrew will score you again to see your improvement.
At the end of your session your score sheet will be scored and you can take it away.
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