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Dressage Competition information

Dressage Competition information

Please see the below term and conditions. We only used listed BD judges at our dressage competitions and operate to BD rules.

We require all competitors to wear a up to British standard approved hat when mounted.

Terms and Conditions

  • Craven arena reserves the right to refuse entry without stating the reason, and to cancel the competition and all rights of admission.
  • Any person causing any damage, disruption or unwanted behaviour will be asked to leave the premises and will not be permitted to participate any further in the competition, hire or clinic. 
  • Craven Arena and Craven Equine do not accept any responsibility or liability for any injury, accident, damage or illness to any person, property or animal whatsoever, or for any loss whatsoever, arising out of, or occurring at any competition, show or event. It shall be a condition of entry/hire of the Centre that each entrant shall indemnify the organisers against any legal action whatsoever arising from any accident. 
  • All competitors and attendees must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the officials and stewards. If engaging in services of an instructor/coach, it is expected that the hirer is responsible to ensure they have relevant qualifications, and insuranceCraven Equine expects riders to have their own insurance. 
  • Parents or guardians are deemed responsible for their children, and they must be supervised at all times. 
  • Please also note that the Collecting Ring area is for the purpose of warming up. It is strictly not a viewing or standing area, nor is it to be used by anyone other than those entered in the current class. 
  • BRITISH STANDARD APPROVED HARD HATS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES WHEN MOUNTED. Full and correct attire must be worn by all competitors when competing or hiring the Centre. Please see latest guidance. Horse Riding Helmets: Fitting & Safety | The British Horse Society (
  • Any individual seen to be causing distress or suffering to any animal will be asked to leave the Arena and may be reported to the appropriate authorities. 
  • Any persons responsible for a stallion must ensure that they are always secure including within the stables and the collecting ring, and correctly displaying the appropriate FEI approved ribbons and discs. 
  • Horses and/or ponies must not be left unattended at any time when tied outside Horseboxes or trailers. Parking is at your own risk and must be close to Craven Arena/Craven Equine. All vehicles should be parked sensibly, and enough room must be left for emergency access.
  • Riding of any kind done in the car park or pathways to the arena is done at your own risk.
  • Competitors and visitors (including hires) are requested, prior to leaving, to clean up any droppings, hay/haylage, straw or shavings from around their horsebox/trailer and to dispose of these at home. 
  • Dogs must be kept on leads AT ALL TIMES and must be cleaned up after. Failure to do this will result in you being asked to leave the Arena. No dogs are allowed in the stable yards AT ANY TIME. 
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden in the stable area and in all buildings, there is a smoking area which will be signed. Cigarette butts must be disposed of safely and in the bins provided. 
  • Horses and ponies must be coming from a disease-free yard and be disease free.  There must have been no confirmed cases of strangles at the yard of the horse/pony in the previous 8 weeks and there is no veterinary advice outstanding that would prevent the horse from travelling to Craven Arena. Equine Vaccinations must be within 12 months – you will be turned away if not, when creating a booking proof of vaccinations will be required, this can be set up on booking site when log in is created. 
  • All visitors must be familiar with terms of use of the arena and agree to abide to them (Dropping picking mandatory for hires, equipment put back as found). 
  • Any damage must be reported to the office via email or phone if no staff can be sited (SJ/Arena damage is chargeable for hires). 
  • These premises are under 24 hour CCTV surveillance. 
  • Images are being recorded for the purposes of crime prevention and public safety. This scheme is controlled by Craven College. For further information contact:  
  • No admittance into Craven Equine and livery yards without invitation. 
  • Visitors (those hiring) responsible for dropping picking soon after my horse has created droppings in the arena (equipment provided). 
  • Please remember Craven Arena and Craven Equine is an educational establishment, therefore students may be on site.
  • Please also refer to the Craven College Terms and Conditions which can be found at Reports and Policies Archive – Craven College ( 
  • All persons entering onto the Craven Arena, by admission, agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditio
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