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Arena Hire with jumps

Book either of our spacious arenas this winter with jumps, enjoy riding out of the wind and rain with up to 5 riders.* Please inform us of any breakages.

Please park in either the auction mart car park and make your way down the walkway to the outdoor arena and through into the indoor. Or park in the small tarmacked carpark to the side of the outdoor arena and make your way to the outdoor using the rubber matted walkway, this car park is fully floodlit for those coming for evening hires. (When frosty we strongly advise to park on the auction mart car park and avoid using the rubber matted walkway as neither are gritted) If in a lorry above 3.5 tone, please park in the main auction mart car park.
Poo picking equipment is located in both arena’s and on the auction mart car park. Please clean up after your horse whilst on site, a fine of £ 15 per hirer is now in place for any dropping left on site. (If you arrive from your arena hire to find dropping, please inform a member of staff)
*When booking please specify how many horses will be attending, if additional riders attend please stop by the office prior to your booking to pay. If payment is not made for additional horse the hirer will be sent an invoice with the outstanding balance.
** Please do not move the jumps/poles from the original position, heights may be left changed. A fine of £25 will be  invoiced to any hirers who does not respect our facilities. (If you arrive to your hire and find the arena in a unfit state to start your hire, excluding changing heights, please inform a member of staff)
For more information, booking query’s and all other enquires please email:
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